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Oh Wow! Wine

There are some wines that elicit a knee-jerk response: “Oh wow! That’s good!” Some wines have great stories behind them, but fail to excite the tastebuds. On rare occasions, the wine and its story carry you in tandem into the realm of romance.

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Somm Foundation Burgundy Trip

The Somm Foundation and Bertrand’s Wines offer a chance to explore the region of Burgundy. Access to the trip was determined through a lively food and wine pairing competition.

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Port Wine

The world’s most famous fortified wine is rich in history, style, and flavor. Port wines clock in at around 19-22% alcohol by volume and…

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Cabernet Sauvignon

The most popular red wine grape in the world has impressed for generations with its bold flavors and its ability as a wine to improve…

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Bergkase Mountain Cheese

Bergkase. In German, “Mountain Cheese.” Austria’s most renowned cheeses come from the way western corner of the country, in Alpine…

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